Six Must Have Baby Items – Game Changers!

Did you know that in 2010 the average middle income family spent about $12,000 on baby related items before their baby’s first birthday? Parenting

I’m not certain how much I spent in my baby’s first year, but I can tell you that there were definitely wasted dollars. It’s hard to know what products will work best for you and your baby. Here, I’ll list six must have baby items that are worth every buck!

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Six Must Have Baby Items


Working on a newborn baby checklist can feel overwhelming, especially to a first time mom. I had a ton of questions and turned to google for answers. I searched questions such as, what do you need for a newborn baby? And, what do you put on a baby registry? On Pinterest, I searched for baby registry must haves. I was inundated with the amount of STUFF I thought that I needed. I spent hours carefully reading product reviews and hoping that I was making the right choices.

Whether you’re pregnant with your first or fifth baby, I invite you check out the list to see if there’s anything new to you. If you’re not expecting, you might want to pin this post to your Pinterest board for baby shower gifts or your own board for baby planning.


1.  Nose Frida

I know the Nose Frida looks disgusting, but it works. Babies get congested and they’re too little to understand how to blow their nose. This device gets all of the nasty out and don’t worry, nothing will get into your mouth. Also, I like that it comes apart for easy cleaning.

Avoid the old bulb syringes from the hospital, if possible. They don’t work, and you can’t really clean them.


2. QuickZip Easy Change Crib Sheet

The QuickZip crib sheet is a bit pricier than a standard crib sheet, but if you can swing one, you won’t regret it. Also, it only comes in a few color options for now. If that’s too boring for your taste, fancy up the crib with a skirt or bumpers (if they’re legal in your state).

With my first baby, I had fancy printed sheets and it was a nightmare to strip the bed with every accident. So. Many. Accidents. I discovered these with my second and I’ll never go back. Just zip the top piece off to wash. There’s no more pulling the entire crib mattress out to change the sheet. Mind blown.


3. Water Resistant Protector Pads

Did I mention that there are a lot of accidents? I used these protector pads on just about any surface that my babies sat or laid on – the Rock ‘n Play, Baby Bjorn Bouncer, DockATot, or the changing pad. It’s a lot easier to toss these protector pads in the wash than to take the cover off any of these items.


4. The Happiest Baby on the Block

This book by Harvey Karp is the holy grail on how to calm a fussy baby and get them to sleep. The methods in the book definitely gave me the confidence to calm my littles and help them fall asleep. Thank me later.


5. HoMedics Sound Machine

The Happiest Baby on the Block recommends creating an environment similar to the womb, including sound. It’s loud in the womb, so babies often have a hard time falling and staying asleep when it’s quiet.

I purchased this basic sound machine and set it up next to where my baby slept. Four years later, my son still has the same one next to his bed at night.

The sound machine is great because you don’t have to tip-toe around the house after putting the baby to sleep. The background noise filters the sound that you make closing doors, taking a shower or washing dishes.

We now own three: one for my son, one for my daughter and an extra that we travel with.


6. SwaddleMe Organic Swaddles

Swaddling is also part of The Happiest Baby on the Block and it helped both of my babies sleep for longer stretches. I prefer these velcro swaddles over using a blanket to swaddle. My babies were strong and busted out of the blankets every time.

I linked the organic version here, since the prices are very close to the conventional swaddles. Also, since both of my babies were usually warm, they wore a light onesie underneath.


I’ve found that the best mommy tips came from social media or word of mouth. If you know someone that might benefit from my list of must have items for first time moms, please pin and share this post! I appreciate the support 🙂

Six Must Have Baby Items

Also, what tops your list of must have baby items? I’m always on the lookout for better, more efficient options!




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I love this list! I thankfully had very few or any accidents during the nighttime with my little one. However that sound machine is the boss! It is perfect for drowning out some of the snoring husband, as well as making it easier to slip out of the room without disrupting that little baby of yours!


Hi Sage, thanks for checking it out! Yessss to the sound machine!


Loving this list! I remember those nose syringes from the hospital omg. I had to use one for my godson when I was raising him and both he and I hated it lol I wish I knew of this list back then!


Thank you! Yeah those nose syringes are so nasty 🙂


The Nose Frida is the jam. It may be gross but it works wonders. My kids are older now but that was a life saver when they were babies. Also, the sound machine is the best invention. My kids still use it!


I agree and love that your kids still use it! I have to admit, I use one now too. All of those months with the newborns in my room got me used to sleeping with the ocean sound LOL


You are stunning! great post! thanks for sharing!


Thank you lovely!


This is a great list, I’ll have to share it with my sister in law! Sound machines are definitely a lifesaver!

Meaghan xx


Thank you, hope she finds something helpful 🙂 Yes to the sound machines! xo


Such a great list! #1 is definitely essential!



Thanks Emily!


Great suggestions… thanks for sharing! I love the SwaddleMe swaddles (or swaddle for dummies as we called them in our house!). I could never get regular blankets to stay put, so these were a lifesaver for me. Both my daughters slept so much better when swaddled xxx


I couldn’t get regular swaddle blankets to work, either! And my kids loved to sleep in the swaddles too 🙂


The sound machine and the swaddles — yes yes yes! hands raised emoji. I didn’t know about the zip sheets but those sound amazing! I haven’t made it to the ‘accidents’ stage yet so I’m still enjoying my fancy printed sheets lol.


I lovvvvvve the zip sheets! and lol at fancy printed sheets 🙂

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