Welcome to The Blend by Nicole! Here I share my journey in life, motherhood and becoming body confident.  

My experiences growing up shaped the way that I look at myself. More specifically, the way that I see my body. Outsider’s comments became my internal critiques.

When I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby, I felt a rush of emotions – happiness, love, excitement, and fear, to name a few. I had many of the same questions that most mommies do. What should I avoid eating when I’m pregnant? What kind of workouts are safe for pregnancy? What is pregnancy going to do to my body? Will childbirth hurt? Will I need a cesarean?  What kind of mother will I be? The questions never end; rather, they change as you progress on your journey.         

After I gave birth to my daughter (my second baby), I felt completely different. I had a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) and felt so empowered by my body. The same body that I held up to society’s beauty standards. The same body that received it’s share of negative comments throughout my life, both those that I told myself and those that came from others.  

In a society where we are judged based on our looks, body shape and size, I want different for my children. I want more for my daughter. This applies to my son as well, but the judgements are overwhelmingly more common towards women. I want my daughter to see herself the way that I see her – beautiful when she’s laughing, beautiful when she’s crying, beautiful when she’s compassionate, beautiful when her curls are out of control, beautiful when she’s running around in a diaper, beautiful when she’s dressed up, beautiful when she’s learning, beautiful when she persists.

How can I raise my daughter to be body confident? She’s always watching, so I’ll have to show her how it’s done, beginning with learning how to love my own body. Negative thoughts about my appearance take up more space and energy in my life than I care to admit. I’m tired of wasting so much time criticizing my appearance – there is so much more to this beautiful life.

What if we focused on what makes us feel beautiful, instead of what tears us down? On how our bodies feel and what makes us feel healthy, rather than counting EVERY. SINGLE. CALORIE? On where our body takes us, rather than avoiding the beach because of insecurities in a bikini?

So began my journey into The Blend. Sharing my journey in life, motherhood, becoming body confident, and most importantly, being a role model for both my son and my daughter.

I invite you to share in my journey!



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